I have been collecting a lot of great models recently, but a set I came across that I absolutely fell in love with was the 3 Witches by Lucas Pina. Unfortunately these were a limited run, absolutely impossible to find. Although I missed those, I made sure I didn't miss the latest Spira Mirabilis release, the Elf Rider.

I had recently attended Meg Maples class on atmosphere, so I considered the model a lot before I painted it. He is from a tribe of wild elves that live in the mountains, up around the cold snowy peaks. I wanted the colours of the model to reflect that, and although elves don't feel the cold, I also wanted a lot of warmth in the skin.

Making any changes to the beautiful lines and shapes of this piece was almost sacrilegious. However about halfway through painting it I was struck with inspiration and I added a few subtle pieces, the feathers and a jawbone. I am happy that they add to the concept. The only other addition was on his necklace: I was recently in Sri Lanka on my honeymoon ( :) ) and I picked up some actual gemstones to try on some models. I used one here!

I am not often happy with my own work, as I always feel like I could have done things better or improved areas, and this one is no exception. Always so much to learn and improve!

Appreciate your comments and feedback as always.

I'll have a step by step writeup on my blog soon: