Scale: 1/8. For Sale.
Brand: Tomek Radziewicz (sculptor):



I will always love Gorillas.
Since a long time this seems to be my spirit animal. Well, my zodiac the lion too, so imagine a gorilla mixed with a lion if you want and can. Whatever. I passed some months without any joy in paint, colors and was not even able to enjoy music. Kind of burned out from working my butt off in 2017. Somehow sad weeks, on the other hand also time to recharge creative powers. Slowly I crawl out of a small dark valley, some scars left in place for sure, but what would we be without our scars?

I got a lot of work ahead of me with the brush, but before I continue with this I had to paint and relax with this cool bust by Tomek Radziewicz. The sculpt is really cool and Tomek has some different ones in stock, contact him!

Painted like a painting on canvas as the bust just is my canvas.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Keep on happy painting!