I had the occasion to paint this bust in the context of an event to raise funds for breast cancer. Much appropriate model for this cause! I pursue my quest of learning NMM on her and keep pushing my understanding of faces and hairs.

Privateer Press Bust series

Painted october 2017
  • Roberto Sirchia

    Very cool bust! ^^

  • Jero Miniatures

    Stunning and gorgeous piece!
    Love the skintone treatment!
    Gold for me

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    great work indeed

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    Great work on this bust. Skintone is beautiful!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Sweet! Love the skintone and the purple fabrics! Beautiful, but photos are superblurry, sadly.

  • luisgomezpradal

    I love the face and the clothes..congrats

  • Jonas Sturesson

    I’m giving this a gold since I’ve seen the images before and had the opportunity to view them up close. Those bedroom eyes…
    But here the pictures are blurry, unfortunately.

  • Alex ✍

    Great work! Love it!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"