Thor the hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms and strength, is represented here with his mighty Mjölnir.

I think we can see I have been tinted by #fucksmoothness

I invite you to click on pictures and look on a PC and not phone.

Model from Nocturna, limited edition

Painted in 2017
  • QianweiSHI

    cool color! Enjoy that gold NMM and beautiful fleshtone

  • girlpainter57

    the breastplate is spot on , and the cloak fantastic work

  • Trent "BigDeno" Denison

    I really enjoy the desaturated subtlety of this piece.  I think it’s your best work thus far.

  • Melanie


  • Krzysztof "REDAV" Kobalczyk

    I totally love the desaturated palette, the light from his hammer and the contrasting gold. Very cool job on a difficult miniature.

  • Jonas Sturesson

    Awesome, love the subtleties of the painting scheme with all the textures, furs and all!

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    That gold NMM with green nuances is beautiful!! Really underrated! Gold (but nmm :D )

  • Davide "Snake" Decina

    Great Painting Work! Gold…

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Great work especially on his breastplate! Gold