Khal The Vampire

Brush, Acrylics and inks

From Karol Rudyk Art vampire line

I decided to tackle this bust in-between projects, laying down an idea for a bigger scene. The fucksmoothness approach of starting rough allowed me to sketch fast my ideas and have a good grasp of the miniature in short time. After that it was only defining up to the desired result. Pictures against black background for a better Vampire ambiance.
For sale.
  • Alex Silvestri

    Very nice David ! Très beau… enfin je veux dire très laid :) Je ne peux pas encore voté ici mais ça mérite de l’or !

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    The intention is really good and to me this is the greatest step to start defining only some areas. With this definition and witjout loosing the beauty of the brushstrokes you would find a perfect balance

    • David Faust-Du Sablon

      Thanks for the food for thoughts Alfonso, I’ll think about where and how to add definition