Here I present you a quick project I did a couple of months ago. I just wanted to play with strong directional light and ambiance in a simple miniature, and I chose this amazing Lady from Nocturna. At the end, it turned out fine, and I liked how it looks, though as usual there are tons of things that can be improved (that horrible base...). In any case, happy about it :)

Besides, I decided to take her with me to last Monte San Savino (2017, my first Monte), and totally unexpectedly, I got a Silver in Fantasy Standard. Wow, that was such an amazing moment!!

As usual, all criticism, feedback and comments are more than welcome, and thank you so much in advance! You are such an amazing community!!!
  • David KuehnPLUS

    This is one beautiful piece, Luis! I think you managed very nicely to get that strong directional light, but you also captured a lot of the cold, lonely and sad atmosphere the mini is expressing in your painting as well! I really like the play with different lights on her skin and hair! Love it.

    • Luis Salamanca "Herald"

      Thank you so much David! Yep, I am also really proud by the result I got, as I am still a total noob on these topics. But it is amazing to try out stuff like this to really get out of the comfort zone and realise that indeed we are capable of doing that, as you are showing us in all your crazy 1/72 latest projects :) So, never stop exploring!