Kit Info:
Scale: 1/5
Sculptor: Watanabe Keita
Company: Amie-Grand
Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Another commission for a local friend of mine but this time I painted it as a gift. Originally my friend wanted to get into garage kit building as well and figured this kit was a good start, only to know that it has a lot of issues and seemed a bit difficult as new as I am to this hobby to teach him how to fix issues. So he decided to work on another kit with easier fixes. With this kit it originally had a white dress and black ribbon details. But in this version we went with darker Easter colors, black ribbon detail, gem stones in the shoes bracelet, earrings and necklace along with fabric roses. The last thing added extra was a bow in the back of her dress, I think it really suits her with a bow, the original did not have one. Then to top it off this was the first time wood staining something but I think it came put okay for a first try. This kit stand at around 9.75 inches without a base.