Kit Info:
Scale: 1/1
Sculptor: N/A
Company: MimiShiki
Origin: Dragon's Crown
Here is another commission for a local friend of mine. Our original consultation we decided on any themes and color pallets. We decided on using colors that would resemble a dark fairy, later on altered some colors to be brighter. I had an idea of modifying the original kit which had her hands tucked to her chest to using two hands and arms from another kit to alter her pose holding a staff. The base design is all from scratch using cork board, different rock grains, sculpting clay, glass crystals, gemstones, dried moss, LED lights and various fabric trims. The more difficult part of this kit was finding a way to pose her on the base without her falling over or damaging the base design. But since cork board is a very sturdy material, I manged to pre-drill a hole slightly larger than the wire inserted in her foot so she would slip into the cork board base not too tightly but enough wiggle room to pull her out for moving purposes. Another challenge was wrapping ribbon around her legs, in the end I had to cut in sections and glue them down accordingly due to the fact she has very odd shaped proportions.