Kit Info:
Scale: 1/7
Sculptor: R.C
Company: DAVACE
First time working with an original resin kit which was pretty interesting. For some who may not know, original kits are sought after but tend to be expensive since they were the first batch kits casted by the creator of the sculpt. Resulting in others buying recasts. With this particular kit my client wanted to have this character in custom colors and base design but with creative freedom as a surprise. So I wound up using instead of the traditional turquoise / green color bits, I did purple instead with gold hints and instead of using solid black for her outfit, I always go with purples and blues. Also added details not featured on the original sculpt such as her skirt, leggings and arm bands. The base was made completely from scratch using a wooden plaque, wire, mesh, paint lids, paper fasteners, fabric trimming, LEDs and some other details. Scroll until the end, it lights up! This kit stand at around 8.58 inches without a base, but since shes almost in a sitting position, she appears smaller in height. Shes pretty big!