(2016) 1/5 Chun-Li (Custom)
(2016) 1/5 Chun-Li (Custom)
(2016) 1/5 Chun-Li (Custom)
Kit Info:
Scale: 1/5
Sculptor: Toushirou
Company: Daiki Kougyou
Origin: Street Fighter II
Commissioned kit. I can tell you one thing, she's huge with her leg pose. Can almost be pulled off as a 1/4 scale. Roughly stands at 24 inches tall given her base! Client wanted a different color scheme instead of the traditional blue and gold detail. The original belt had sculpted detail but due to the cast quality, we wound up deciding on a fabric belt with decorative detail. Took a few attempts in cutting the fabric correctly for her shape and inking in the design. Major issue with this kit was her connections, they needed a lot of work t support her weight of her legs but managed to work on square pegs in her leg joints, arms and neck to maintain posture. Both skirt pieces are magnetic and can be re-arranged to your liking. Base all hand painted as well. Created new ruffles for her hair buns and added metal spikes to her cuffs compared to resin deformed ones. The cuffs are also magnetic to stay in place without sliding down. The other challenge was her shoe laces. Took a long time of sanding the original ones off to make way for metal laces; since it's easier to lace up this figure with wire instead of fabric. Added O-rings as well to make them pop out more. Earrings made from scratch as well. Everything was done using a mixture of airbrush, hand painting, pastel shading and highlight layering via airbrush.