Kit Info:
Scale: 1/6
Sculptor: Minatogawa Amaha
Company: Amie-Grand
Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Commission for a local friend of mine. Been having a really hard time with my photo booth capturing the skin tone and shading in the past few kits I have done pics of. Hopefully when I can afford a new setup I can fix the lighting more to make it easy to edit the lighting. Hair accessory re-sculpted and painted separately, shoulder visors redone and a custom base was made. My friend requested to have matt clothing and a satin pearlescent finish for the white parts. Given the circumstance of her re-casted tiara, it was so crappy I would up recasting my own tiara from another kit and put a gemstone in it. Some of Jupiters bangs needed modified and sanded down to see the gemstone better and to have an easy fitting when inserting her head into her hair part. Also engraves more hair details in her scalp. Everything painted with airbrush and minor hand painting on smaller parts and details.