Hi to all!!!... here I am again with my last work...The Raven´s Return, make up to Fundacion P.U.P.I., by Terriblekidsstuff, the concept by the great Paul Bonner and sculpt the beast Allan Carrasco. I wanted to give a darkness ambient with some points of light like fireflies and lateral light....I decided to make full of mushrooms, plants, other things and I felt the terrain has to be in the air.... only with the tree´s branches...to breathe..The frog is a conversion with the earth simbol..I talked for hours with my good friend Javi about how to create a special ambient as the film "The Dark Cristal", and the old fantasy as Rackham and the Hiddebrant´s brothers....He seduced me in this moment...I sold my soul!!!!...thanks Javi for these moments ...probably the funniest moments...for me it is very important piece... I live a lot of things in this process.... Unique piece...I dedicate this piece to my dwarf because he always put a smile in my face!!!.....Thanks a lot to Ruben Martinez for the photos!!! Thanks for the comments!