Jarhead Beginners Class Daemonette
Jarhead Beginners Class Daemonette
My model as it stood from spending 3 days with Roman and other like minded artists in Augsburg in March 2013. Painted to 80-90% over the weekend.

Amazing how far a model can go in just 3 days, and the things learned throughout the class.

Was fun and interesting to see that we built up the models and basing, a story would come out of it. In this case, the Daemonette coming up against a killer bunny rabbit :) Where is that holy hand grenade when you need it?
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Well done, Sir. In fact you only did paint 1, 5 days on her ;)

    Watch out! Killer Bunny!!!

    • Kyle "Mr Lee" Cruickshank

      Thanks for the comment Roman, and your right, it was even shorter than 3 days indeed!

      Already working on my first real project since the workshop, but still in WIP status… hope to see it on here soon ;)