Hi !

It's not an orc, it's not a girl with big boobs, it's not a super hero !

It was a real person (who has existed in the real life) !
His name is Álvaro de Bazán ! Yes ! you are not dreaming ! Álvaro de Bazán himself !

If you want to know who he was and what he did, google is your friend.

There is a statue of him in a lovely place in Madrid

The very talented Antonio Zapatero made a figure of the statue (much simpler to paint than the statue itself)
I bought it in the Leganés show in march.
I didn't paint it with non metallic technics, I didn't paint it with complicated OSL.

I painted it with a brush, with acrylics, with coffe and music and it was a very cool time.

Muchas gracias por esa figura que se puede comprar en el sitio web de la asociacion Alabarda

... and as I know Álvaro de Bazán didn't kill any orcs during is military carreer ...
(well ... for this specific point I have to check more seriously ...)
  • alicia

    Que buena obra,oro para ti.

    • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

      Muchas gracias Alicia !!!
      Que bien que te guste, don Álvaro ! La figura es genial ! te la aconsejo !

  • Cormin

    Very nice figure and paint job.  And your comment is really cool :)

    • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

      hi Cormin, thanks a lot,
      This miniature was very cool to paint. Changing my way of painting .
      Thanks ;)

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    une bien belle figurine !
    les métaux ressortent bien ! or !

    • Laurent Aubry aka Pisco

      Une superbe fig de Alabarda d’après la statue d’Alvaro à Madrid.
      Merci !!! Je te conseille cette pièce

  • Mariano del Olmo

    Great face and expression!