First upload on P&P (now that is free for all), lets see if this works as expected.

And what better to start my galery than with this epic bust by Raffaele Picca. A bust I painted a pair of years ago, where I tried to make it a little bit less zombei and more vampire-like. So in this case, my versión has all the teeth. I still tried to get a sickly look on his yellowish skin and those crazy eyes though. Also tried to play the contrast of purple and green in the armour, but unluckily it is not that clear in the pic.

ATM just have one pic, and I dont have the miniature available, but in case it is liked I will try to update it with more images in the future (as soon as I can get them)

Hope you like it, and of course, any kind of comment, suggestion criticism, direct insult to my being, or whatever you feel like saying will be hihgly appreciated

Hopefully, moar to come

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    gold from me

    • JesusCasas

      Thanks Nak

      I’m proud of someone of your level thinking so : )

  • Luis Salamanca "Herald"

    Impresionante Jesús!! Ya te dije que, especialmente la piel, me flipa. Está llena de fuerza, y esa sutilidad con tonos es maravillosa. Deseando ver más trabajos tuyos!!

    • JesusCasas

      Gracias Luis! A ver cuando me hago con una camara decente y me pongo a subir mas cosas.