Semi finished Imperial Knight for my fiancé (Early Christmas present you fool!) I can’t seem to upload anything album wise on my desktop and have no idea when FB will fix the issue, so forgive me on quality. (( More photos and videos will be uploaded on my website and YouTube later today.))) Anywhos, this subject is still uncharted territory for me aside from painting Anime garage kits x,D So forgive me of inaccuracies x,D

We bought this knight last year and managed to pick at it for awhile, but just got everything figured out that I could finally magnetize, paint and solder the LED connections.
All weapons, body and base magnetized, LED fixtures all from scratch and are hooked up to a switch and 9v battery. One of the bodies of the guns has a separate micro switch and battery fold to easily switch out the front and side portions of the Rapid-fire battle cannon and the Thermal Cannon.

Modified a few things by drilling out barrels, carapace vents and exhausts eyes, chain to the banner and so on. LEDs are placed in the eyes, carapace vent, exhaust vents on back and carapace top, under chest piece, shoulder armor and a 2 piece LED gun.

More info to be on my website later & videos on my other social.
  • EmeraldAngelStudio

    I’m not sure why but can’t upload anymore photos here, please visit my other social for more photos.

  • Rickard Hansson

    Beautiful work! Looks absolutely stunning! Would you mind sharing the recipe for the yellows? Thanks beforehand!