Here is a quick Redemptor dread I did for a local contest and found out last night I surprisingly won 1st place! There were a lot of entries and had a lot of faves! I’m thankful for local friends whom encouraged me to enter my first contest to boost my confidence. I wanted to add red LEDs to his body and armor plates, but it was during the holiday and my supplier was away, but at least I can make a second one with LEDs next time! Used a bit of Black Templar upgrades as well. Modified the pose so I can get a 'stomp' effect on a Necron Overlord I had. Though people recommended after the fact a psycher, but that's ok, haha! Broke the necron in a few places and heat bended parts so he looked kinda natural being crushed, phht! Used some Chaos broken fence posts on the ends of the scythe instead of wires due to time. The mechanical green goo I used UV resin and Tamiya clear green. The formation base I used cork, casted some rocks in regular resin and added different rocks and grades of sand. Spikes are also from a Chaos fence sprew. The smoke stacks are using uv resin warped and cured in layers and airbrushed. Removable. The mechanical body parts I sprayed in a black chrome, so it's hard to see the shine in most pictures...The shoulder pad weathering I applied in layers so I can scratch off the surface with a needle or tooth pick. The edges I scraped the edge of a blade for more weathering. The banners & seals are made of styrene and I custom printed my own decals.
  • EmeraldAngelStudio

    More photos on my social media. Will upload new section to my website eventually xD