Hello everyone!

This is my latest model, a conversion of Radwulf, the Lone Wolf (by MProyec) into a Dwarven King, a fusion between Thorgrim Grudgebearer and Ungrim Ironfist of Warhammer Fantasy fame!

I envisioned a quintessential fantasy dwarf, axe in hand, overlooking a snowy battlefield from atop a privileged position.

The main objective of this model was to challenge myself to paint some decent NMM, because I usually paint in metallics and I’m not very familiar with the technique. It’s far from perfect but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

I also decided to use a slanted plinth with curved edges (originally a smartphone dock!) to give it the elegant look he required as High King!

Sculptwork was done with milliput and greenstuff, and the model was painted in acrylics with normal brushes (no airbrush).

The eye sockets are sculpted quite deep in the face so they look black in some of the pictures. I added a couple of WIP shots from my desk where you can see his eyeballs are actually white!

Thanks to my friend Marc Masclans for his feedback along the process and for the studio pictures.

I hope you like it! Comments will be much appreciated!