EagleStrike is my first ever duel scene, using a slightly converted Knightmare from LeBen Models and the eagle from Mproyec. It was part of my display at the Monte San Savino Show 2016.
The idea behind the duel was to not only have a physical confrontation, but to portray a contraposition between evil & decay (the putrid chaos warrior) and the power of nature (the eagle and the anthropomorphic tree trying to catch the fiendish prey with its arm-like branches). In order to enhance the effect of surprise and provide some extra dynamism to the scene I added the helmet (one of the extra heads emptied out) flying off the warrior’s head as he abruptly turns to his attacker.   
As a humorous touch for comic relief I also added a sculpted nurgling, a tribute to the always inspirational Benoît Ménard (http://demonwinner.free.fr/france/2004/golden_demon_winner.php?categorie=1#3rd)
As regards the paintjob, I used dozens of reference pictures to accurately paint the eagle as a golden eagle (aquila chrysaetos). All the feathery textures on the backside of the wings are painted.
Other details such as the wavy flames on the shoulder pad are hints to the old-schoolism so pervasive in my pieces, inspired by John Blanche et al.
Finally, I also wanted to give a try at realistic snow, which I had never done before. The icicles were sculpted and then moulded and cast with transparent resin.
Many thanks to Marc Masclans for the pictures.