This time a comission work for a good friend of mine who is in love with the comic books by Jean Giraud aka Möbius. These comics have a certain style, on first glance very spacy and weird, but also a great subject to study and try something new. The sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart catches the comics really good and I was reading my way through four comic books before I started painting this homage.

My goal was to catch the style and weird look in colors and illustration style.

Hope you like it!

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  • Josua LaiPLUS

    Really like the fleshtones on that one!

  • Kristian Simonsen

    Beautiful! I love all those variations in the skintone. And what a Nice and strong green underneath the hat.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Many thanks, Kristian! Happy that you enjoy my work ever since!

  • girlpainter57

    i can’t tear my eyes away , it as a enthral appeal

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Happy that I achieved this! Thanks a lot for your comment!

  • matthieu favresse

    I missed your painting. Thanks!

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      Most beautiful thing I have heard in a while! Thank you very much!

  • yjxbyby

    Great job ,gold!

  • David KuehnPLUS

    Wow, Roman. This is such a cool and powerful piece! The skin tones are just breathtaking and the illustration look really works. I don’t say it often for busts, but I love this one!!!

  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter

    Muy grande Maestro, oro para usted.

  • Philip PrinzPLUS

    Du geiler Hund du!!

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    God of color -godfather of light theory -wizard of all that is miniature!!! RO-man !!!! Hero and avenger of miniature painters.

    • Roman LappatPLUS

      ... or just a guy who paints too much!

  • Jero Miniatures

    Love this Kung Fu, Gorgeous Roman.

  • Francesco Thau


  • Matthieu Roueche - "Blabla"PLUS

    Great paintjob. the colours Roman !  :)

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    genial. souper bonita. me encanta

  • Winterland

    Great work

  • Kyle Maitland

    I keep coming back to this, often.  The rugged skin tones speak very clearly, but the lighting play under the hat, to fill so much of what could be dead space is incredibly delightful.  Creates such a contemplative atmosphere.

  • Axel Sundberg

    You have no idea what I love about this bust. It’s perfect, it’s ... Moebius in soul.
    The tones, the colors, the shadows, everything ...
    I am stunned and fascinated.
    It is not just a set of techniques perfectly carried out, it is to capture the very essence of the imagination of Jean Giraud.