GT Studio Orc Warlord sculpt. Trying to step out of what Im comfortable with ie. sci-fi, smooth plates etc lol. Also tried some new base coating techniques and pushing different lights and ambience. Tried sticking him in a very specific environment. Hopefully it translates.

Overall, a lot of fun just doing something different and it definitely was a faster application overall. I don't think Ive ever finished a figure this quickly.

Any feedback to improve is welcome and desired. Thanks guys.
  • Michael Proctor "Clever Crow"

    Gold!  Love this piece!

  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter

    Magnífica, gold.

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Cool, fantastic job!

    • Steve Garcia

      Thanks Magnus, appreciate the support!

  • Alex ✍

    Congratulations! It looks fantastic ❤️

  • Bran

    Very good painting, I love the hues used ....

    • Steve Garcia

      Thanks Bran, they were a lot of fun to work in. I was worried I didn’t put in a good balance on individual surfaces a well as the overall piece…still am lol.

  • Perfect Tommy

    This is another wonderful piece. I love the color scheme and overall aesthetic. Additionally the snow falls on the figure quite well!