"For many years I kept this piece with the intention of painting it some day, the figure was modeled by Romain Van der Bogaert about decade ago, the idea seduced me a lot, it represents a young girl having an orgasm, but there was something that did not fit me. The girl's face was strange to me, although the idea and the pose were very attractive, the fact is that I left it in my drawer for years, hoping to meet it again sometime in the future.
At a given moment, modify the piece, adding hair, subtly lengthening certain parts of the figure. I found myself without looking for him, with a tremendous resemblance to an ex-girlfriend.
The important thing was not any person in particular, although the fact that with long hair looked like an exgirlfiend, made the piece more and more clear in my head and I imagined that I could work with that memory This gave me the perfect opportunity. Relating the figure to someone I knew made the images appear in my head with ease. However, I was relieved by the fact that no painful or conflicting memories were resurrected in me, as could have happened with the memory of other people. That is to say, it was a well-known memory for me, which made me understand much better what I wanted to represent; but at the same time it was a memory devoid of any emotional ties. What allowed me to treat it with a certain distance, and not let me dominate by the piece itself...
TEXT FROM THE BOOK "banshee, a colourful mind" , published and edited by Scale75"
  • Tibor

    Glad you finally uploaded this special bust, she is also the highlight of your book. Congrats for this piece and also thank you for all that work on your book, haven’t seen such serious effort in ages. Hats off.

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS


  • yahhyo

    ¡Increíble! Saludos desde México.

  • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

    I love it! Very cool Bust. I like how you painted the light and shadow on her right shoulder!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    It is such a delikate subject and such a great execution. Love your game with colors and how you play with the shape of the plinth. Adorable! Editors choice from my end.

  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS

    por cosas como esta merece la pena hacer miniaturas y disfrutar de ellas. ole tu!!

  • Alex ✍

    Great piece ❤️

  • Alberto Carrillo

    Increíble. Consigues una potencia espectacular y unos colores muy vivos en un ambiente oscuro. Miniatura de 10 y libro de 10. No dejes nunca de pintar.