This is the boxart of the 54mm Etruscan Chariot i did recently. It took me a long time to complete it as the many freehands and the fur of the horses were very time consuming.

The chariot represented here is the Monteleone Chariot, a very important Etruscan discovery found near my home in Italy (Monteleone in Umbria).

This model was sculpted by Riccardo Cerilli and for the sculpting and painting we used several archaeologists and discoveries to make it as close to the real thing as possible.

For example we know that in this central Italy area there were many commercial routes with Egypt and Greece (for example in a town near the discovery there was an Egyptian temple dedicated to Isis) and for that reason we decided to include some influences from those cultures in the sculpt and the freehands: as a matter of fact the freehand on the shield is similar to an ancient etruscan antefix from Veio representing a Gorgon and a depiction of a Gorgon head on a vase from Vulci, myth coming from the eastern cultures though (Greece and Crete).

History aside, i just hope you like it. :)

The piece is a limited edition available here:

i got a Gold Medal and Best of Ancient in Monte San Savino Show, Silver medal at the Scale Model Challenge and a second place at Freak Wars with it.