New boxart for Black Sun Miniatures. Its been a long time since I painted the last scifi girl..hehe great experience with this one trying some intense colour effects.

Based on the art work by Daryl Mandryk.

Sculpture by Raul García Latorre

Hope you like it,

  • Clive Jackson

    Nice! Love the colour palette! Gold!

  • Alex ✍

    Great job ❤️ A very complicated concept to transfer into 3D!

  • Nik Ableev

    Great color transitions! Loved the choice of colors.

  • Luca Riva

    Saw it in MSS.. Simply outstanding.

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    bam!!!!  .. champions league

  • Ilya Tabaravets

    It’s great)) As all your paint-jobs are)) Thumbs up!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Beautiful colors, Marc!

  • Blast Model