Hello friends and painters [IMG]:)
Everyone know i mostly paint and sculpt fantasy characters. But sometimes i really want to work with historical concept. And after long time here is my newest figure what is based on history of middle Europe. So maybe you know the Samos empire and this is SAMO in person❤️ Tomáš Duchek made an awesome concept art for me and i really hope i make Sculpture what you will like
This figure i produce like a limited edition 100pcs (last 60) only so take you chance to have one
Available on - http://WWW.ZABAART.COM

Samo founded the first recorded political union of Slavic tribes, known as Samo's Empire (realm, kingdom, or tribal union), stretching from Silesia to present-day Slovenia, ruling from 623 until his death in 658. According to Fredegarius, the only contemporary source, Samo was a Frankish merchant[1] who unified several Slavic tribes against robber raids and violence by nearby settled Avars, showing such bravery and command skills in battle that he was elected as the "Slavic king" (Latin: Rex Sclavorum). In 631, Samo successfully defended his realm against the Frankish Kingdom in the three-day Battle of Wogastisburg.