I show here one of the best project i worked on, a fantastic bust from the 4 elements Series by The league, a incredible project by Kimera Models, Michale Kontraros Collectibles, Aradia Miniatures and Nocturna.
I am really glad to had the opportunity to paint that beauty sculpt by the amazing Alberto from the superb concept by Stefano Moroni.
I had only 7 days to paint her, and was at the same time something super stressed but that gives me the option to broke any cage and paint just with my soul.

Hope You like her.

Here you can find the 4 elements busts.

WATER: https://aradiaminiatures.com/index.php…
FIRE: https://www.pegasoworld.com/product/the-fire/
AIR: https://nocturnamodels.com/en/busts/170-the-air-bust.html
EARTH: https://www.mkontraros.com/earth-element