These gold accents were a challenge, but pretty fun for a newb at NMM like me. I was hoping to have more secondary highlights to try and sell the metal reflectiveness better, but with the steel being broken up by gold accents, it was hard to find space for those secondaries to show up... that or I just lack the skill, heh. I did throw in secondary highlights where I could, though... I'm happy with how the golden hands on his chest, the golden broach holding his cape on his left shoulder, and the faces coming in from the shoulders came out with the secondaries.

I was torn with doing OSL or not for the lantern at the head of his halberd, ultimately deciding not to do it 'cause of the NMM surrounding the area. The thought of trying OSL on NMM surfaces scares me, lol.

Since I have the Phoenix coming up, I wanted to experiment with trying an iridescent effect... so I figured the plume on this guy's helm was harvested from Phoenix feathers. Still debating on what to do to improve it or if the scale of the actual Phoenix will make a difference on selling the effect. The top 3 feathers have a more reddish base while the lower feathers have a more purple base, harvested from a different part of the Phoenix... just trying to experiment with the whole spectrum.