Again, pretty standard fair for this guy, and thankfully he pinned to his base much easier this time around, heh.

I wanted dark eyes... I saw some paint-ups with black eyes, which I liked, but I also wanted the goat's pupil look as well. In some ways, the horizontal slit pupil seemed to mask some of my blending, so I added some very slight/brighter highlights right under the pupil to reinforce the idea the rest of the eye is a giant iris. Good enough for me, heh.

The giant mouth was a bit of a challenge for me since I don't like how it looks like an opening in his body with teeth... most animals don't have a rib cage in their mouths. =P I've seen a lot of paint-ups with blood, but with an opening that size and that deep, the blood always made it look more like a wound than a mouth to me, so I kept it clean; painted the teeth and inside the mouth to look more pinkish like gums and then highlighted it pretty starkly to give some little speculars to look wet on the gums and teeth. I was worried it'd look too similar to the rest of his flesh (which DOES look like muscle sinew) since I based it all with a flesh tone to maintain the "fleshy" look... I'm happy with the color difference and it, to me, looks like a clear delineation between flesh and gums. =)