This was my first attempt at NMM! I must've tried a dozen ways to blend, but in the end, I still had to add scratches and scuffs to hide my blending trouble spots. Before I even got the game, I decided that for Kingdom Death, I will do all NMM... this experience has me even more psyched for that idea; it's challenging, but it's actually quite fun and rewarding.

This was also my first time painting the model separate from the base. While it's certainly easier, I confess to screwing up (my fault) when pinning him in. Dry fitting went fine, but when I added glue, I must've dislodged some sand or something... his right foot sits a little higher than it should. =P

For his armor, I tried going for something like a charcoal-grey color instead of a jet black; I didn't want him looking like a space marine or something. Same with his cleavers and blades. I feel like he turned out slightly greyer than I originally planned, but the dullness kind of works for me rather than a more vibrant approach with blues and browns mixed in. I feel like the lanterns and face skin trophies balance out the colors. I painted his mask "gold" (NMM), but there's just not much of it showing... I guess I had a grander plan, but the sculpt doesn't lend itself to much light. I'll try NMM gold proper on the King's Man, though.

And there's just something about OSL and (sculpted) fur that never looks right to me... I'm putting his cape in the "good enough" column.
  • Greg Kimsey

    Love it! I am preparing to do my first nmm as well and you inspire me! Thank you :)