Not sure why I felt so inspired to paint him, but realizing there's still plenty of time to include him in my solo campaign may have had something to do with it... I guess also realizing that I could use parts of his base as basing material for my Watcher (when I get to it) had a hand in that too.

I originally was thinking of something like a white lion scheme, but didn't like the all-pasty-scheme with the base (which is why I saved his mane for last). After putting him on the base, I realized I wanted to balance the dark lantern piles with the Lion God himself.
I also wrestled with painting all the lanterns off or on, just knowing the lanterns he holds would be lit no matter what. A big thank you to everyone who suggested keeping them off/only a few lit... I started to get a little burned out on painting the lantern OSL (no pun intended).

Anyway, lots of lessons learned on this one... like I really need to work on my gap filling. Think I'll go back to Milliput.That seam on his hind right leg? I gap filled, but there was a slight misalignment so it was something beyond my courage/skill to fix.

Ultimately, I'm happy with how he turned out and am excited/terrified to face him... but I'm SO ready for the new Silver City expansion to come!