Finished this guy on day 3 of 3 from my solo-at-home hobby weekend. Between this guy, the Lion God, and the original White Lion, I've effectively painted a "white lion" in three different ways. I thought about giving him some fur texture, but those muscle forms were so well-defined and human flesh colored hands and feet wouldn't make sense if they were furry. Ultimately, I consciously made this guy kind of bare-skinned (or am I just lazy?).
I also wanted to keep the gore to a minimum... mainly 'cause painting blood and such is a crutch for covering up mistakes, so that's kind of where my mind goes when I see lots of gore; it looks lazy.

The Gigalion's "stash" under the giant stone face is something I kind of wrestled with. I wanted to raise the contrast, but having such strong highlights, though it'd look "better", just wouldn't make sense since it's in a heavily shaded area, so highlights were kept to a minimum.

Finally the eyes... I confess to wanting to paint glowing eyes (like the original white lion in the rulebook), in part because "canon"... but also because in other people's paint-ups, deciding where he's looking is a challenge. I've seen some derpy gazes, gazes looking at the body, straight forward, etc. All of it just seemed to not fit. Glowing eyes may be a cop-out and a bit of a lazy approach to that challenge, but it also adds a general ferocity. Besides... by the time I got to the eyes, the body was largely done and I wanted a splash of color to draw focus