Here is ma take at a Biokinetic model from Scale75.

I wanted to train light effects and especially "rimlights". I figured a nighttime setting with the moonlight casting over the shoulder would be perfect. The suddenness of the encounter combined with the blank "face" echoing the moon's pale light makes for a gloomy and heartpounding experience. What will happen to you next?

All the painting was done in roughly 15 hours.

The plinth and background are also my making. I digitaly painted the background and printed it. I didn't feel comfortable to paint it directly ont the plasticard.

This project was made on my own, but I must deliver my thanks firstly to @Banshee for his particular teachings on patreon, and secondly to @Sergio Calvo Rubio for his online tutorials on patreon. I consider both my Masters also in terms of thought and spirit.

I hope my work will please you.