"When the darkest of apostle unleashes his fury, who knows what would emerge from the deepest rings of hell"

Here is my interpretation of this chaos space marine dark apostle.

It is a very nice kit from GW. As the title suggest, I wanted to portray a demon summoning. I had quite a lot of work on the base to figure out how to create the sigil. I ended up pouring uv resin after preparing the base with some cork to have smooth surface to paint. Then for the painting I had all models separated first then glued them on the base for the final touches all together.

I think of this piece as an "etude" of color and lighting.I played with warm and cool tones to create emphasis on the apostle. I spent roughly 15-20 hours on the whole project. I could have spent more tweeking every little detail but I thought it worked well as it is there.

Tagging the masters from which I learnt:

Alfonso Giraldes Banshee
Sergio Calvo