Chiyome Mochizuki, often called Lady Chiyome, was the widow of Samurai Michozuki Moritoki. After the death of her husband, she was designated to recruit women to create an army of female assassins and spies, called Kunoichi or Onashinobi.

Chiyome took in outlaws, prostitutes and runaways and provided them with a new life, often training them to use their weakness as their biggest strength. Their training included the use of everyday objects as deathly weapons, the art of disguise and even seduction. This last one was the main focus of their training, including sex as a weapon. Some of the kunoichi went to great lenghts to accomplish their missions, even getting married to their mark.

Despite having a focus in seduction, Kunoichis were often released to the world as nuns or seemingly innocent workers. I've used this as an inspiration to create my Lady Chiyome, who is in costume as an actor in a Kabuki play (hence the make-up).

Manufactured by BigChild Creatives

Sculpted by Hugo Briones.