Chloe is a very special bust for me. I've tried to depict one of those moments in which a certain song turns your mood around or "simply" takes you away from everything. When I started this bust I was a bit obsessed with Eels, a band I love, and specially with Novocaine for the soul, a song I now understand a bit better after reading Everett's bio.
  • Atila KawautiPLUS

    Great work!

  • Jakob VPLUS

    Brilliant song from a brilliant band. Sometimes music hits you right in the gut. I certainly have songs like that and in fact base most of my figures on music. I really like this paintjob. And I love the idea.

    • Javier "jav0" González

      It means a lot to me that such an artist as yourself has said such beautiful words. I too relate to your approach of mixing media and music in my works. Thank you immensely Jakob.

    • Jakob VPLUS

      Thank you so much for those words. You are too kind. Since it seems we like the same kind of music, check out my pieces called ‘building nothing put of Something’ and ‘Bright Pink Bookmark’ and ‘Korean Bird Paintings’. All song titles too.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Ale Moro

    i love it! NJ! Gold