Well... current events had me sad. And I wanted to do something to help. So on Friday the 5th, I biked to the hobby shop to get a base. The 6th, I prepped the figure and the base. The 7th? Paintathon to paint him in one day. He's meant to uplift the black community, because this character is an extremely good role model and very well known. Is he painted as I would do my busts? Perhaps not - but he was the one who I needed to paint *now*.

In conjunction with my mother, a seamstress, we are doing a charity raffle for this figure. The raffle info is in my link https://www.facebook.com/events/986868608410778/?active_tab=about Prett.y much, donate a little bit to a charity and let my FB page know, you're entered into raffle for it and a facemask.

Be well, friends and yet-unknown friends.