Hey guys! When I saw Lesza from Ignis Art I immediately knew that I'd like to make a Night Elf Druid out of her :) I always loved World of Warcraft (tho I started playing again only recently) and had in mind the classic Night Elf artwork from the beginnings of WoW as an inspiration. Had to resculpt the original bust a bit, trim the antlers and stuff. I'm particulary happy with her hair - some of them are sculpted, some painted on and they look like from proper Pantene Pro V commercial. I also think that putting the bird's skull in between her boobs took off attention from the bare chest, so now we all can calmly focus on finishing our quests and getting to 120 lvl before The Shadowlands.

I'm so happy to finally share this bust with you all, my most beloved project so far.

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