Hi guys! My version of Cursed, bust by Creepytables. This piece was inspired by Gustav Klimt paintings. I thought that her eyes were too cheerfull to make her sad, so I played around with a hint of smile :) Hope you like her!

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  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    Beautiful painting!

  • Thorbjorn Barone

    Awesome, looks wonderful!

  • Daniel Gütl

    This is art people. Applying a feeling and art style to a miniature that everyone can recognise. Very painterly!

    • Natalia Oracz

      Thank you, Daniel. You’re giving me the greatest compliment :)

  • kov1980

    Круто!!! Золото....

  • Archigrog

    Great Atmosphere! Great paintjob! What a charme!

  • girlpainter57


  • John Delamere

    Beautiful. First version where she doesn’t look angry.

    • Natalia Oracz

      Thank you! I decided to change the feel of this bust, but I think that the original vision of the sculptor is very nice too. She was meant to be sad so most versions follow this lane

  • Kyle Maitland

    Truly excellent take Natalia.  Gorgeous palette.

  • Rhett “Saint Toad” Jenkins

    Fantastic in every sense. Wonderful job revealing her essence.

    • Natalia Oracz

      Thank you very much ❤️ I tried my best to stay subtle, even with the transparent material. I’m very happy that it worked

  • Marco Ruano Miniature Painter

    Preciosa, oro.

  • Pierpaolo “RosPaint” Rossi

    She looks incredible! Great job!

  • Atila KawautiPLUS

    Amazing work!

  • wangxin850221

    beautiful painting
    i love this

  • WojciechBober72

    Światłocień, detale ,tkanina ,klimat postaci-fantastyczna praca, wielkie brawa .Powinna być platyna ale mają tylko Złoto! Pozdrawiam

    • Natalia Oracz

      Dzięki :D Złoto jest w 100% wystarczające, pasuje do jej korony :)

  • Nik Ableev

    Beautiful work!

  • Liu Yu Kang


  • Clive Jackson

    Super work! Gold!

  • Andreu "Morglum Minis"

    Fantastic work! Love the colors!

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf


  • Alex ✍

    Great job ❤️The skin is really beautiful!

  • Olmo Castrillo

    Beautiful colour variations on the skintones. Stunning work, congratulations!

  • Mateusz Banaszkiewicz

    Zjawiskowa twarz, świetny klimat. Złoto!

  • Will “Sik Willy” Hahn

    Absolutely impeccable as always Natalia!! I love the sheer fabric effect, it took me a minute to even notice it, perfectly subtle. Obvious Gold from me!

  • Krzysztof "REDAV" Kobalczyk

    Well I love the face and the colors. Congrats. Gold and Editors from me :D

  • David Cid "Parvilon"

    Love it! This face colors…

  • John Davis


  • Anton Pryakhin "Seemann"

    Oh… I`m so sorry for missclick:( Amaizing work, great choice of colors!

    • Natalia Oracz

      Hey! No worries, happens! I’ll ask admins if there’s possibility to cancel, no problem :)

  • Tapio SalminenPLUS

    Absolutely amazing work. The colours work perfectly together and the overall feeling is just spot on.

  • eric wolfs

    Just wonderfull ! gold

  • Paul "Duxxie" Duckers

    Hi Natalia. Wonderful work, I love the colours and detail. Superb. I wish that I could vote more than one gold.

  • Lukas "Grummelgobbo" Lutz

    Oh my Good! Your Paintjobs are fantastic. Realy great!!!

  • Jero Miniatures

    Gorgeous. One of this years fav of mine!

  • Jamie "Neumorian_Art" MackiePLUS

    Absolutely wonderful, I love your unique painting style and colour choices. Some of your pieces are my favourite work.

  • Xavi333

    Really amazing!!!!! Gold!

  • smallsoldier (Scott Pasishnek)

    So nice! It’s golden. How come your score at the top of the page shows silver when you’ve had golds awarded for all your work. Somethings screwy?!

    • Natalia Oracz

      Hey :) It’s the P&P algorithm, I think that the more works I’ll upload the higher my overall score will go. There are much better painters than me with lower scores just because they don’t submit many of their works here, so it’s not worth treating it too serious.

  • Guillaume SchaffnerPLUS

    That’s magnificent !