Achilles is probably the most representative miniature of Aleph in Infinity. This creature is an artificial representation of what Achilles the Greek hero would look like in the future, transformed into a soul-less android, a weapon of mass destruction in human size. I fell in love with all the Aleph miniatures ever since they were released and I wanted to give Infinity an opportunity. So here you have my first Infinity miniature ever: Achilles.

It was an absolute pleasure to paint. The quality of the sculpture is amazing, and everything is ultra detailed and tiny (it's a 30mm miniature!). Outlining is crutial in this kind of miniatures, so I decided to prime black and save time, even though the miniature ends up much darker than what I usually paint. Anyhow, I think the dark atmosphere goes well with the colour scheme I chose, similar to the concept art in terms of ambience and palette, but using the colours differently. Also, it has a minor conversion in the hair to make it look more like the original concept art. This will not be the only Infinity miniature I paint, for sure. Probably some more Aleph will follow, who knows, maybe even build a band for myself!

Achilles traveled to the Spring Angel 2013 and won Gold in Sci-Fi Single.

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