This couple is already very well known all around the Internet. I present you Brad & Yanet, the two assasins which are the object of the Painting Buddha DVDs, season 1.1 Target Identified.

This is the version I painted for my part of the DVD. They were done in a very short period of time, about 4 days, the one we had to record the videos. As the painting progressed, ideas for colours and ambience came to mind, and it finally turned out, as you can see, as some sort of scene based around an alternate steampunk United States of America.

Painting the miniatures was very easy and fun. If you want to know how I did it (and also, how Ben did his version, the other one you can see in the photos below) make sure you connect to and grab your own set of the first season. Totally worth it!

Comments about the minis or the DVDs are more than welcome, as always. I hope you enjoyed the videos!