Finally I can upload the pics of Anakin vs Obi-Wan, my eighth original painted piece from the KM Star Wars collection. (KM 70mm)

It has been a difficult work, due to the number of views and because I had to paint the different parts separately and maintain the coherence of the set, for that I was assembling the set periodically to check it. But I also really enjoyed all the process!

The scene represents the fight of light against darkness, trying to achieve a strong contrast between the dark side and the light side (of the force xD). Obviously my main reference has been the great classic of @alfonso_giraldes_banshee , in some points, as in the lower part of Obiwan's clothing, it has been essential to interpret the volumes correctly, because it's a set with many views! In some other parts I have tried to contribute my own interpretation.

Hope you like it! May the force be with you!

(More detailed pics on my IG)