"Aeons laid to rest, a fallen throne of man usurped by a dragon tyrant. His name forgotten, some say erased; His wrath engraved upon the blackstone in which the dead lay silent. He was the child of a god and a terrible beast, a scourge, a pestilence.

His kingdom was one of dread, for ten thousand would-be kings perished in rebellion and a thousand heroes lost to find a weapon to cleanse the land from his evil.

It was said that no mortal man would yield the god sword, for it was born out of the first gods and entombed by the last. The star blood within its blades still flow with the first light of the heavens upon its emergence.

But she was no man

The gods, new and old destined her for greatness; she was the tyrant slayer. "

Hello Putty & Paint!

I thought it would be more than appropriate to have my third bust be a contribution to this site. I had fun painting her, and adding the chain to the grip was a good idea to add a personal touch of narrative that I had in mind. Now she must fly over to Austria to her new home!

Special thanks to Daniel Gütl for letting me paint this. I would like to also thank David Colwell, Natalia Oracz, and Will Hahn for their invaluable feedback.

On to the next one!