"Cursed, he walks alone
In the Warrior's Winter
There is no respite"

Im happy to finally have this one finished, as Ive been working on it on and off the past couple of months. The Poem written above, and on the parchment on the bottom of the plinth, is a haiku and it is original- I wrote it to go along with this piece. I wanted a heavy emphasis on atmosphere in this one, using combinations of palette, color use, and lighting to work in conjunction with the little poem to force it all home. I wanted to convey the sense of cold and loneliness the Ronin feels in his Warrior's winter, but i wanted to use the bright over saturated reds to convey his lingering anger, aggression, and resentment- also to provide a contrast of his "inner fire" agains the cold and unforgiving environment in which he dwells in his exile.

Hope you guys enjoy, comments always appreciated!

Model: Murksashi the Samura by Big Child Creatives

Note: the engraving on his hat and damascus steel patterns on his blades are all freehand, and obviously title text and backdrop as well