This a scene that I painted this year for @terriblekidsstuff and is probably the painting I am more satisfyed with.

The scene is based on the amazing painting by @patrickjjonesillustrator. During the process I had the chance to study and enjoy the original artowork on his book and its incredible how rich are is oil paintings. The ambience is simply amazing. It has been a pleasure.

As usual, thanks to the sculptor, @joapala who made the figures. Always amaze me the hability to bring to reality all the paintings.

Hope you like it!
  • WojciechBober72


    • mmasclans

      thank you!

  • Eduardo Garcia Lope

    La efectividad y a la vez la sensibilidad artística que hay aquí.

    • mmasclans

      muchas gracias! :)

  • Jesús Gómez

    Que bonito!!!

    • mmasclans

      gracias tio me alegro que te guste! :)

  • Rhett “Saint Toad” Jenkins

    Astonishing. The influence of the oils lends a powerful atmosphere to your painting. This is state of the art.

    • mmasclans

      thank you!! Yes the reference was painted with oils and here with acrylic I tried to reproduce that effect..:) Glad you like it!

  • Natalia Oracz

    Lovely painting and composition! I can’t forgive myself that I missed it :c

  • Archigrog

    It’s a Masterpiece…no words, great atmosphere!

  • girlpainter57


  • Ivan Hortal A.PLUS

    Brillante en todos los aspectos, Muy inspiradora. Top. Oro, favorito, editors, todo lo que sea.

  • Stanislav Mokhov


  • Militarist_Studio

    WoW!  Fantastic!

  • Krzysztof "REDAV" Kobalczyk

    Epic work my friend. As always a pleasure to see your work and this one captures the art work just perfectly. I could not paint this like you. I have to learn much more about colors.

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    One of the best painting ever made. Amazing.

  • Magnus FagerbergPLUS

    This is fantastic!

  • Bran

    A masterpiece !!

  • FreemanPLUS

    Sin duda mi preferida hasta el momento, has logrado el efecto del oleo de una forma magistral. Enhorabuena!

  • Walo

    My favorite painter paints my favorite sculpt based on my another favorite painter..

  • Antonio

    Una tremenda obra maestra! Me encantaría leer y ver el proceso de pintura de esta pieza. Oro por supuesto!

  • eric wolfs

    Just extraordinary figure ! Great gold

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    te has marcado la pieza de los ultimos meses. espectacular la traslacion del estilo al 3d. me encanta.

  • Matteo Di DiomedePLUS

    Wow !! Supergold!

  • Roberto Del Cima


  • Alessandro Natale

    This is just so amazing! Speechless

  • ihiaripala82

    Bellissimo gold

  • Tim

    Gold, gold, gold, gold, gold

  • Nik Ableev

    Fantastic work!

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo

    Best piece of the year.

  • Gerry Larkin

    superb!! gold all the way

  • Poliakov_Andrii

    Gold !

  • Clive Jackson

    Simply stunning! Gold!

  • Emanuele "Green" Terzoni

    very good job! <3

  • Michele Delbene

    Non si può dire che stupenda interpretazione e pittura

  • Sergey PopovichenkoPLUS

    Top level!!!

  • Alex ✍

    Amazing work ❤️Your best for me!

  • Ken 'milmart' Farrar

    Wow… Gold

  • Will “Sik Willy” Hahn

    Marc your work is always fantastic, but this is my absolute favorite of yours in my recent memory by far. It is exquisite in every aspect, i am in love with the way the colors work and the raw emotion this exudes. it accentuates the beauty of the sculpt perfectly and creates an incredible atmosphere. this is miniature art at its finest

  • Mario Hernando (Netsuke).

    Maravillosa Marc perfecta armonía y técnica.

  • Luis Ugarte

    Espectacular la paleta de colores utilizada! Gold!

  • Alberto de la Fuente

    Un trabajo impresionante, Oro sin duda!!!

  • Jero Miniatures

    Epic! Super Oraco! Una meravella!

  • rafaelega


  • AlexandrosHassapis

    This is by far the best piece ever! both as far as sculpting is concerned as well as the paintjob! I believe it is as gold as it could get! I will definately come back and vote as soon as i have the required number of projects on P&P!

  • jparkdr