I have always felt drawn to Kintsugi, the Japanese art of gold joinery. The idea that a broken vessel was still good, that it should bear its scars openly, and have its story, while becoming more beautiful. It is an interesting concept, to embrace what is, not what could be. Which got me to thinking, of humans, and our scars. We bear our scars, that is something we cannot control, but we can control how we respond to damage. Will you become gnarled, and ugly? Or will you become beautiful and shine through, like gold. So that is my challenge I suppose, for myself and anyone else. Light or dark, choose to become something beautiful, instead of an eyesore.

I know we have all been through the ringer this year, and none of us will emerge without scars, but let us use them to do better.

I have painted this with Kimera Kolors Violet, Magenta, Warm and Cold Yellow, Golden titanium white, and Vallejo Metal colours gold and chrome. For this I have used a very coarse mostly stippled style, emphasizing shape, form, and shadow.
Let me hear your thoughts and criticism.

Painted for my friend Jakob Villien, thank you for producing this miniature
  • Jakob VPLUS

    Beautiful vision, Kyle. Thanks so much. Love your version!

    • Kyle Maitland

      Thank you Jakob.  I hope it brings you joy.  I know I miss looking at it.  Every now and then I wander to the shelf and expect it to be sitting there, obviously it isn’t.

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


  • Ale Moro

    Nice job