Hello everyone!
After a few months of hard work, today I’d like to show you what was going to be my entry for Monte San Savino Show this year!
It is the first time I work in collaboration with a sculptor to create an original, one-off piece. The goblin was sculpted by the master hands of Maria Panfilova. The quality of the sculpt is unbelievable; it’s been a real privilege and pleasure to work with her!
As I’m sure you’ll recognise, it is based on an artwork by Paul Bonner.

Painting the model was quite challenging, as it was difficult to balance the very desaturated colours whilst still making it interesting.I opted for a more muted and realistic style, and experimented with textures and different materials.
As always, it is all brushwork in acrylics.

Special thanks to Daniel Blueice for his invaluable help with adjustments for printing and to Arnau Lazaro for the studio pictures.

I hope you like it!