This is a beautiful 1/10 scale bust, sculpted some years ago by Sang Eon Lee for his own miniatures brand, Life Miniatures ( The name of this kit: “bye, bye Baby” as the title of Marilyn’s song. It represents Marilyn Monroe in Korea for her USO tour in 1954.
She is wearing a black sweater and a US Air Force Blue bomber jacket with an embroidery “mosquito” patch of the 6147th Tactical Control Group in her left breast and in the left shoulder, the printed Air Force logo. I found many picts of this kind of jackets in Internet, and I try to simulate this kind of material, color and texture (I hope I've achieved it)
I bought one if this kits to paint it for me, but then, a customer and friend asked me to paint one for him, because he's also a Big Fan of Marilyn…, I decided to paint a kit for him and maybe, in a future, I'm going to paint another one for me