War. It took her away to Dahak. And like she was the inner mirror of his soul, he had mirrored on his body “Si vis vitam para mortem”.

“quote (…) to bear life remains, after all, the first duty of the living. The illusion becomes worthless if it disturbs us in this.
We remember the old saying;
Si vis pacem, para bellum.
If you wish peace, prepare for war.

The times call for a paraphrase:
Si vis vitam, para mortem.
If you wish life, prepare for death.”
(Sigmund Freud: “Reflections on War and Death, 1918)

1/10 Bust from Beyond Miniatures, acrylics.

A bit dark but an immense pleasure to develop the narrative from just an idea I had in mind. This sculpture from Latorre is simply a fantastic playground for imagination and by the number of amazing versions you see around I guess I am not the only one sharing such an enthusiasm!

Technically the tattoo on the chest has been by far my most ambitious project ever. I did literally spend days sketching and thinking about how to use perspective and painting in order to adapt the visage to the anatomy and at same time give the illusion that the woman's gaze turns following the angle of the observer's view. (well.. or at least I hope it gives the illusion..)

Cheers and Happy New Year!