He had grown wary of humans. They looked innocent enough wandering the shoreline, picking at rubbish and detritus. But he had learned.

The woman had been surprised to see him that day, and he just as shocked had curled up his claws. Signalling his desire for a non-threatening encounter.

She invited him to a nearby 'sauna'. A pool of "warm" water. He had thought it a sign of peace and his curiosity overtaking him agreed.

It was of course a trap, she had tried to cook him and crack open his shell. Naturally he fled.

Harvey Crabman was just too damn delicious looking for his own good...

So if you don't already know I'm a bit of a colour junkie... I mean how many people do you know who have been multiple colour studies and gamut masks... And then get a custom order of YinMn Blue...

It is the first non-organic blue in 200 years. That is quite a feat. So naturally I had to try it.
Golden Acrylics had advertised the possibility of custom orders about 4 years ago. Back then I signed up, and I kept in the loop so when it came up and it was going ahead this time I jumped in.

Harvey is painted with Golden Acrylics, the only blue being YinMn Blue. Which considering the postage worked out at AUD$2.50 a gram... Which is the only way I can remember it now lol.

Hope everyone enjoys him. Sculpt from Paul Braddock. Link