Art direction- concept art and official paint job for Knightmodels.
also design for the packaging, backgrounds and promo resources

very enjoyable piece. i Reccomend it. one of my fav characters from TLOTR. it was a very quick work but i enjoyed the process a lot. After some very hard painting challenges, this was was very chill out and painted in a more classical way. however i wanted to keep my contrasted for the overall look style and NMM for the metallic details, as i though it could fit well in the TLOTR imaginery.

the face was very interesting to work on it because altough the sculptwork is very very good.. it is very easy to run away from the real actor features and i wanted to make him look like sean bean playing with the middle tones and changing some volumes playing with the light. micropainting always work!

i hope you like it.
  • Basilisk (David Mommel)

    Me lo enseñó en Quimera creo que Kike, y en mano es espectacular. Preciosa, la capa mención especial ;)